Our Designs

At Westpeak we offer full design services and we are very happy to work with any Architect or Designer of your choice. By understanding all elements of design and construction we are equipped to make better and quicker decisions during the project which saves both time and money.

Our Process is truly unique. Where most builders like to receive finished Architectural plans and start building we like to be involved early on in the project to help guide the important decisions. Small changes to the plans can result in major cost savings or better function and layout. Items such as how a home integrates with the topography or tracking the sun path through the summer and winter may seam like minor issues but can have a tremendous influence on cost or enjoyment of the home. Our combined design and construction experience really benefit a project.

Whether we are designing the home or working with an Architect we like to analyze how a family lives day to day and design a home that caters to the specific needs of a family. Every family is different, and every home should be unique to reflect the lifestyle of the occupants.